Armenian Pigeons

Armenian Tumblers

  • History origin Armenia , Greater Armenia. Long been a part of history, carved on church walls, printed in manuscripts. Noah’s arch landed on Mt. Ararat found land from help of a pigeon.
  • Flying Style  Slow to medium speed. Kit fliers. Medium to High Flier. 2+ hours minimum. Strong Tumblers loud cracking sound. Vertical tumblers several at a time. Great flier should pull up several feet at a time with each tumble.  Good bloodlines should fly long hours 5+ and tumble.
  • Appearance  Head- round head, fully crested or non-crested. Beak medium sized. A great crest should reach from ear to ear.
  • Legs plain, booted, muffed medium length
  • Eyes Pearl, Orange, Yellow, Bull, also two different colors
  • Tail 12 or more feathers.
  • Flights  Medium in length not exceeding tail feathers.
  • Colors and Markings  Solid colors with true deep colorization, wide range of colors and markings. Blacktail, Red tail, Yellow Tail, Solid white, red, yellow, and black. Bluebars, Red Bars, Silver bars, Dunbars, Yellow Bars, Almonds, Grizzles, Splashes, Bellnecks in all colors, etc



Breeds are performance pigeons. These birds love to fly and tumble. I breed for color and flight. I believe perfect marked pigeons can fly just as good and strong as any. But then again every pigeon is diiferent in flight.
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