Iranian Pigeons

Persian Tumblers

  • History orgin Persia, Currently Iran. Long been apart of the people. Every village has own breed and distinct characters of pigeon.
  • Flying style  very slow to slow to medium flying speed. Kit Fliers, also solo fliers. Long hours of flight time 4+ hours- all day fliers. Tumbling vertical. Smooth landings some dives. Competition are held for long hours of flight. Apperance-Head- very round and big heads short to medium sized beaks.
  • Flight feathers reaching tip of tail, in some bloodlines even passing tail feathers
  • Tail long feathers usually 12 feathers
  • Eyes Pearl, Orange, Yellow, Bull, also two different colors
  • Crest of Iranian must be pointed.
  • Feet  plain sometimes with short muffs.
  • Colors and Markings grizzles, splashes, prints, saddles, almonds, blacks, bluebar, Checks, baldhead, Color is not of great importance as long as pigeon is a strong flyer.



Breeds are performance pigeons. These birds love to fly and tumble. I breed for color and flight. I believe perfect marked pigeons can fly just as good and strong as any. But then again every pigeon is diiferent in flight.
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