Shipping Information and Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping of Live Birds

All live shipments are shipped Monday- Wednesday only via USPS. We will not ship if weather is too cold or too hot in order to ensure live arrival of our Birds. Our birds are considered as our pets and we put much care for them.

All birds are provided food and water before shipping. We only use horizon micro environmental shipping boxes. All orders are shipped Express Priority Mail yet orders may take up to 3 days. Please allow up to 2-3 days for delivery. We have shipped over 1,000 birds with successful delivery.

Over the years, there has been incidents were the USPS has not delivered on time and death of birds has occurred. Unfortunately, USPS doesn’t guarantee the live delivery of live animals such as birds bees chicks etc. As we have tried in the past for them to reimburse both shipper and buyer but they have responded with denial of payment as to their policy. In rare situations like this we can’t take full responsibility, once birds are handed to USPS. However, we understand it is not fair for the buyer to endure full cost we will exchange birds at half cost or refund half the cost